Classic Audio Repair, Inc ca reg.E88859
Call or Text (619) 292-8642
Specializing in repair and restoration of vintage audio 
8872 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942 - <- click for map
Business Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm. Monday thru Friday
Appointments have priority,
though walk-ins are welcome.
Reserve enough time for us to examine your set briefly
before a work order is written.


Due to regulatory concerns, we have temporarily put a halt on the purchase and sale of Vintage Audio

Watch this space for future news on our purchase and resale items.


Receivers - Common brands preferred (Pioneer, Sansui, Marantz, Kenwood, Yamaha, Scott, Fisher, etc)

Speakers - Good cosmetic condition & have grills. Home audio primarily. No large or  pro sound.

Amplifiers - Standalone power amps and integrated amplifiers. No Pro sound.

Tube Gear - Preamps, integrated amps, power amps.

Cassette Decks - Primarily Nakamichi, but others considered. Call ahead, please.

Reel to Reel - Teac, Sony, Pioneer, Sansui, and Akai (later generation - call if in doubt)

CD Players - Primarily Sony Decks made post 1995 - call with model if in doubt


Terms of purchase:

We are a Licensed Second-Hand dealer  with the state of california, so we must comply with the laws regarding the purchase of used merchandise. This means that you must remain on the premesis, and be willing to have your driver's license information and right thumbprint submitted to the DOJ to verify the equipment is not stolen.

If you can agree to the above, read on...

- Items WILL be examined and tested for operation while you wait. We won't buy it if we can't examine it.

- We service or restore everything we purchase, so we will NOT pay ebay prices due to time needed to do this. We pay wholesale prices for gear.

-If you choose not to sell the item to us, we charge our standard $20 examination fee. This fee is waived if you sell us the item. We do this to weed out those who in the past have used "intent to sell" as a means to get a free examination of their equipment from us.

- We pay for our items using a check. We DO NOT pay in cash.

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