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Your Source for repair and restoration of vintage audio
(619)-282-9101 or toll free (800)-544-2100
3401-F Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116 - <- click for map
   HOURS: 9:30am - 5:30pm  Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri  ||  9:30 - 1:30pm Saturday. CLOSED THURSDAY AND SUNDAY  

Phone: (619) 282-9101, toll free (800) 544-2100

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Before you contact us, please read the following:

Because of our tremendous workload and the absence of a "chatty" person to handle our phones, we try to minimize telephone time. New customers get priority. Questions must be answered. Information needs to be exchanged.  Unfortunately, a few existing customers call almost daily inquiring "how's my set doing?" So . . . we earnestly ask you to--

Please only call us regarding repair status updates after 4PM.

We provided a tentative estimate as to when your set would be completed on your paperwork (upper-right-hand corner). THAT IS AN APPROXIMATE DATE. Please don't expect the set to be done like clockwork. We ask you to await our phone call to let you know when your set is complete, or when there's an important change in status, such a revised estimate, or an unexpected delay in acquiring parts.

When calling PLEASE have your paperwork ready!

Many customers lose or misplace their paperwork. This makes us take longer to get their status information. But there's a worse problem. The terms of our contract are typed on their claim receipt. Lacking this, a few customers become upset when they hear what is "going on" with their gear. They may have stated "don't replace any lamps" when they left the equipment, but suddenly, weeks later, their recollections fade and they believe they asked for the lamps to be replaced. They signed a written estimate for $150, but now seem to recall they only authorized $100. This leads to needless friction over the phone, and a lot of wasted time.

Please have your paperwork and be ready to give us a claim number. Its the 5-digit number directly at the top of the claim check. If you don't have the paperwork, please give us your last name.

We do not provide a valuation service

If you're looking for the value of your set to sell it, the best place to look is on the marketplace. Ebay's completed listings is a great place to see what units have sold for, and get an average based on the condition of yours. However, If you want to have a set you plan to sell evaluated to find out if it's working correctly, we provide a diagnostic service with a printout of our findings. This service is $50. 

We do not provide a free consulting service.

We try to help customers in deciding whether they should bring in a set for service. We offer limited troubleshooting over the phone or via email prior to you bringing in your gear.

We may also offer limited advice to nudge you in the right direction of a project you're working on.

We offer 5-10 minutes of our time gratis.

However, we don't have "extra" time to give. Discussions about complex circuit troubleshooting, providing advice as to what pair out of 20 listed pairs of speakers sound the best, or rendering mini seminars on circuit design and modification are services we charge for. We ask you to come to the store for a consultation at our hourly rate.

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