Note: Where the free estimate does not apply, we will generally charge a fee of $40.00 per unit.

EXCEPTIONS: We do not offer a free estimate in the following cases --

  1. The unit has been damaged by invasion (e.g. a fluid spill) or by physical impact (e.g. fell off the shelf).
  2. You are getting an estimate for an insurance claim (e.g. against your moving company).
  3. You bought the set on eBay, or similar online auction house, and it suffered shipping damage.
  4. The set has been taken apart by the owner and "self-repair" attempted.

  1. Maximum of two free estimates per day per customer. Normal wear-and-tear failures only. Paying customers, no dealers.
  2. To get a free estimate, we ask you to remain on premises briefly while the estimate is performed. If you want to "drop it off" and have us call you later with a quote, we charge a fee.

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