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We are currently Under Attack


A group of militant consumers considers our service to be "unskilled labor" - and expect us to charge "minimum wage" prices. Many of them want to yell us how to repair their gear, down to the final capacitor.

To put it plainly: we're a high-tech operation and expect to be paid for our expertise. But because we aren't willing to wear the lowly mantle of "unskilled labor" , the militants have decided to trash us on social media. Disgustingly, one of these militants has begun leaving bags of human feces near our front door.

Because they want to damage or destroy us, I'm putting on my fighting gloves.


We don't use cheap, low-reliability parts, such as widely sold online and at local retailers that have "parts racks". Second-rate parts lead to customers bringing their gear back because the repair didn't last.

We appreciate customers who do credible research on their own, but when new-found knowledge inflates a customer's ego like the Zeppelin Balloon, so that they feel it's okay to order us around like children, we ask them to take their business elsewhere.

We use test instruments in the service of audio gear. Unlike "the guy in the garage", we don't believe a Philips screwdriver, a can of spray lubricant, and a multimeter are sufficient for high quality services.

We don't half-fix customer sets. Half-fixing is, to cite a cliche, "penny wise and pound foolish." Some customers want us to half-fix their gear to save money. If we do this, they'll later return, unhappy about the very malfunctions they didn't want repaired the first time around.

We dont' repair gear according to the audio-babble on the internet. A great deal of talk on the fourms is anecdotal in nature. Because a blown fuse was due to a shorted diode does not imply that all blown fuses are caused by shorted diodes. That's fallacious logic.

We don't "cherry pick" easy repairs, and turn away more time-consuming work. For example, we restore vintage consoles, and nearly all of them require multiple hours of expert attention. We do a steady stream of complex repairs that were unsuccessfully service by other shops.


I know what other repair services specializing in vintage gear charge. Our prices are in line with them. You can always find some person operating out of a garage, or in a back rooom somewhere, who will beat our prices, but they will seldom fix the equipment to professional standards.  

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